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Who Are We? 🤔

My name Is “HAKIM” it means wise in Arabic! I’m not that wise though.

Since I was a kid I used to welcome tourists in the desert, I was raised in a community where thousands of visitors from all over the world arrive each year. This many cultures and connections burned a fire and passion in my heart for guiding and helping tourists to explore the Moroccan Sahara Desert started.

Today I have my own agency “Moroccan Desert Trips” one of the famous and top travel agencies in Morocco working with thousands of tourists from different nationalities.  

We work with our hearts and passion moves us.


We build “Moroccan Desert Trips” as a local Moroccan travel agency based in the Sahara Desert. to offer you private and group tours in Morocco which allow you to explore the country’s beauty in the best way with a local taste.

We also customize tours on demand; according to your interests, needs, and budget.


Why Choose us? 🥰

Competitive Pricing

Wide Coverage

Fast Booking

Guided Tours


Everyone looks for comfortable travel and a memorable experience in a new country; that’s exactly what “Moroccan Desert Trips” offers to its clients.

that is exactly what we are offering you.

Our professional team is always ready to take you on a wonderful journey around Morocco to enjoy its natural beauty and learn about its interesting history.

We will help you to discover the Desert, travel around the imperial cities, visit mountainous beautiful places, or visit UNESCO Sites. No matter your number, we can plan a suitable tour in Morocco for you.

We offer luxury desert camps and traditional ones to let you experience the nomad life.

Upon your arrival in Morocco, you find our team waiting for you at the airport to pick you up, and at the end of your tour, we drop you off at the airport.

You can ask for any type of desert activity to be included in your preferred itinerary such as camel trekking, sand bath, quad-bike, or 4×4 journey.

how We Work

Our comfortable and luxury transport

We provide you with the most comfortable and suitable vehicle to make your trip a memorable one in Morocco.

Our vehicles are of course air-conditioned with the latest features and safety measures. We will provide you with a suitable vehicle according to the number of travelers. For groups, we have mini-vans and for couples or families, we have SUVs and 4X4s.


Let’s Plan Your Next Trip Together!

Our team planned these tours in Morocco based on the most beautiful places that you should visit, historical sites that you must explore, and activities that may make your experience in Morocco so special. The following tours are the most popular Morocco tours and the most booked tours.

Let’s Party!

Feel free to ask for any modifications on the tour itinerary, or to build a new one. We are also available to answer questions about the weather. What to bring and any questions you have.

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