The Akchour waterfalls in northern Morocco


Do you love hiking? Do you prefer natural landscapes, birdsong, mountains, waterfalls and rivers? Tired of big cities and prefer a purer, quieter climate? We’ve got just the hike for you in Morocco: the Akchour waterfalls. 


Located in northern Morocco, around 30 km from Chefchaouen, the blue pearl, Akchour is a small village famous for its waterfalls, natural landscapes and incredibly high mountains. It’s a popular spot with tourists and Moroccans alike, who have access to it all year round (or almost). The waterfalls are very popular at weekends, so we advise you to visit them during the week or, if that’s not possible, on Saturdays and especially early in the morning. Spring is the best time to visit. Nature is verdant, water is abundant following last season’s rains and the heat is bearable. 

Spring is the ideal season for this hike. 

The hike lasts around 2h30 to 3h and the trail through the gorge will require you to cross streams several times, overcome steep slopes, keep your balance in narrow passages and make your way through trees. It’s not a very difficult hike – in fact, it’s ranked as one of the easiest hikes in Morocco – but for someone who’s not too used to it, it can seem rough at first. That’s why we’ve put together these two lists to help you make the most of it. 


A backpack or shoulder bag: Avoid handbags that weigh down one shoulder and make you lose your balance. Sometimes you’ll need both hands to lean against trees or to hold yourself upright. 

Comfortable shoes: 

It’s obvious: you don’t want to wear high heels or sandals in a place like this. You don’t necessarily need hiking boots; sports shoes can do the trick. 

The right outfit: 

The right outfit for overcoming the Akchour waterfalls hike is one that will enable you to cope with the heat but also with the wind of the region. Northern Morocco is notorious for its cool winds even in summer, and the gorge you’re about to cross will not be spared. Remember to carry a zip-up sweater in your bag or around your waist, as you’ll probably be using it near the highest waterfall, as it’s very shady and the wind blows well alongside it. Don’t forget to cover your head too. 

A bottle of water: 

At the start of the trail, you’ll find vendors and small cafés that have set up along the watercourse, so no problem there. But once you’ve hiked for a good hour, you’ll need to keep hydrated, and it’s great to know that you’ve got your water bottle with you. 

A towel:  

It may seem like an unnecessary item, but in the hands of a hiker, a towel can have a thousand and one uses. First, it can keep you clean and presentable for your Instagram photos. Secondly, you can unfold it on the ground and lie on it to catch your breath. It can also help protect your head if you’ve forgotten your hat, or the back of your neck by tucking it under your cap. In short, a towel is really great! 

It’s going to be a bouncy ride! Comfortable shoes are a must! 


Cafés and restaurants: As mentioned above, there are many restaurants and cafés run by locals along the way to the waterfalls. We recommend the last one near the high waterfall, where you can enjoy a good tajine cooked over a wood fire while taking in the view (although we have to admit that we completely forgot about the waterfall, as we were so hungry and the food was so good!) 

Picnic: If you’re not in the mood for tagine, you can easily find a spot off the trail and have a picnic. You can even light a fire to cook your meat, but be careful not to burn down the whole forest! 


Photography enthusiast or not, this is the perfect place to do it. Your phone will suffice, and you’ll easily find someone to take some nice shots with the waterfall. 


Yes, the icing on the cake! You can swim right at the foot of the waterfalls in natural pools. The locals have taken great care to designate safe areas for bathing, since in other places the current can be strong and therefore dangerous. 

The most beautiful waterfall in Morocco! 


It’s easy to get to Akchour from Tetouan or Chefchaouen: there are plenty of road signs, and the road is actually quite pleasant. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll be asked to pay for parking (10 dh). From here, you must continue on foot. 

Leave the parking lot entrance behind you, the cafés and restaurants on your right, and follow the path towards the mountains. You’ll come to a bridge, cross it and follow the path to the right towards the waterfalls. From here, the path is straightforward (not in the literary sense, of course) and you won’t need too many directions to get there. There are, however, a few arrows drawn on the rocks to guide you on both the outward and return journey. 

Cross the bridge and turn right to reach the waterfalls. 

It’s also possible to take another route to the Pont de Dieu, a natural curiosity just as famous as the waterfalls. We haven’t done this hike ourselves, and look forward to our next trip north. We did, however, ask the locals for directions. At the start of the hike, near the parking lot, ignore the bridge you crossed at the waterfalls and go straight on, following the narrow path along the rock face, to reach the Pont de Dieu (God’s Bridge), a gigantic stone arch with a large natural pool at its foot. 

Ignore the bridge on your left and continue straight on to the Pont de Dieu (Bridge of God) 


Our hike to Akchour was part of a longer stay in the North, so we rented a house a few kilometers from Chefchaouen to discover all the surrounding towns. However, we recommend that you choose a place closer to the waterfalls if you want to concentrate solely on this region. There’s a very famous place in Akchour that charmed us from afar. The Hermitage of Akchour. It’s a group of ecolodges in the middle of nature, which also offers excursions and catering. We’ll leave the site here for you to make up your own mind. 

Akchour Hermitage 

One thing’s for sure: this hike is a marvel not to be missed on your trip north. We look forward to our return to the region to discover the Pont de Dieu and the Talassemtane nature park. Have you already visited these two places? Tell us all about it in the comments.