Traveling in Morocco

Whether in terms of culture, landscapes, architecture, or even exchanges with the local population, traveling to Morocco means discovering a piece of the world, just a stone’s throw from France.
TraceDirecte takes a look at this popular destination for French tourists.

Overview of Morocco

Known for its proximity to France and Spain, and popular with French travelers for many years for its mild climate and low cost of living, Morocco is not just a fashionable, practical and inexpensive destination. It’s a country that fully deserves its status as a dream vacation destination.

Discover Moroccan architecture:

Moroccan architecture sets the tone as soon as you set foot in the country. Rich, varied, atypical, ancestral and magnificent, Moroccan architecture is an invitation to escape. The very sight of it transports us into the past and into Moroccan and Berber culture, as it creates an atmosphere of escape.

Although the Westernization brought about by tourism has significantly altered the picturesque charm of well-known places, markets and souks, the soul of the country remains intact.

Travel inside Morocco

All you need to do is take a few steps into the souks and markets. There, in the midst of an immense organized bazaar, the friendly population goes about its business, trade is in full swing, and through a few purchases, the Moroccan shopkeeper loosens his tongue, takes an interest, offers advice and wishes you an excellent stay.

And it’s precisely through the economic dimension of this kind of place, through the exchanges that take place there, that we can fully apprehend mentalities, manners and customs.

Sometimes caricatured, the exchanges are sometimes limited to price negotiations. Annoying for some, to be sure, but it’s all part of the trip, part of the local atmosphere.

In the souks, some tourists are hailed by handicrafts sellers, others are assailed by touts posted outside small stores, and so on. At the corner of an alleyway, you may find guides who will show you around the souks for a small fee.

You’ll find everything from spices and sculptures to handicrafts of all kinds. Everything you need to bring home a piece of Morocco.

Tourism in Morocco

As Africa’s second-largest tourist destination, Morocco is very popular with French and Spanish tourists, as well as the British. With over 10 million visitors a year, the Kingdom of Morocco is a victim of its own success, with mass tourism growing every year. But fortunately, Morocco is a vast country where even 10 million holidaymakers can find the isolation and sense of solitude (that some seek) of Morocco’s great outdoors, starting with the deserts.

On the one hand, there are the city centers of Marrakech, Fez, Meknes, Casablanca, Agadir and a few other large, highly-touristy cities that are a little too overcrowded for some people’s tastes in the summer months, and on the other, there are the Atlas mountains, the anti-Atlas mountains and vast stretches of desert where the feeling of escape is complete, as is the feeling of solitude and isolation when you know where to go, which roads to take, etc. So, traveling in Morocco is like traveling in the desert.

So, to travel to Morocco is to discover a country with many facets, but depending on one’s desires, Morocco can be a nature destination, a trekking destination, a cultural discovery destination, a shopping destination and much more besides.

To each his own taste and desires, Morocco caters to all travelers’ fantasies, whether young or old, adventurous or home-loving, etc.

TraceDirecte guides you on your trip to Morocco

The more you learn about the country, the more difficult it becomes to choose a tour in Morocco, as there are so many things to see, discover and do. That’s where TraceDirecte comes in, putting its know-how and that of local experts at your disposal, to help you design a trip that’s just right for you.

We put you in direct contact with a travel agent in Morocco. You can tell him about your tastes and desires for discovery, and he’ll suggest tours, treks, hikes, walks and visits that are sure to amaze you.

Nature travel in Morocco

Mountains, deserts, lakes and oases await lovers of nature and a change of scenery. Whether on foot, 4×4, camelback, mountain bike, quad bike or motorcycle, the possibilities are endless. That’s the advantage of a very touristy destination, because the infrastructure is well developed, as are the services and offers of the local operators that we coordinate so that your trip takes place in the best possible conditions, without hitches or wasted time.

While hikers will marvel at the trails in the Anti-Atlas and Atlas mountains, those who don’t like walking can discover the Sahara desert by 4×4 or camel, accompanied by a guide. Between the green of the mountains and the warm colors of the Moroccan deserts, there’s something for everyone.


Here too, there’s something for everyone. From 4-star hotels to guest houses and bed-and-breakfasts, the personalization of a trip to Morocco is detailed right down to the type of accommodation, and even the choice of theme (culture, trekking, immersion, etc.).

TraceDirecte offers you standard trips and tours to personalize, but also, and above all, the possibility of concocting your trip from scratch, guided by your desires for discovery.

Morocco Travel Checklist

The Moroccan Rif: located in the north of the country, the Moroccan Rif region remains little-visited and very well preserved. Go there for a total immersion in Berber culture and to discover extraordinary landscapes.

Djebel Toubkal National Park: right in the heart of the High Atlas, this park offers hikes that are as easy as they are exceptional. A must for budding hikers and families alike.

Moroccan deserts: whether you prefer vast stretches of sand that look like deserts, or real deserts such as the Sahara or the Agafay Desert, take the time to discover the lunar plains of the south. Unforgettable!

Imperial cities: Morocco – Marrakech – Fez – Meknes,, – Rabat, a tour including all these cities will take you to the heart of Morocco’s history.

Looking for inspiration? Find out more about Morocco in the guide, or contact us to be put in touch with a local expert.